Before Tomorrow EP 1

Wildcreek Escape

The Project that started it all. This 2018 collaboration set Benshi on its path to become the creative entity that it is now. This is where we [Caleb Chicoine, Alex D'Agostino, and Cam DeMars] found our start in doing what we love with passionate people. While this project isn't indicative of what we can do now at a technical level, we like to keep it up to remind ourselves why we started doing all of this: meeting new people, exploring new ideas, and most importantly, just having fun.


Alexander D’Agostino


Caleb Chicoine

Cameron DeMars


Alex D’Agostino

Caleb Chicoine

Cameron DeMars


Alexander D’Agostino

Color / Post Supervisor:

Caleb Chicoine

Motion Graphics:

William Bachman

Additional Footage:

Anatole Tuzlak

Jake Hopfinger

Deliverables and Marketing:

Cameron DeMars


Sam Winship

Special Thanks To:

Colin Sutherland

Max Hopfinger

Grizzly Basin Outfitters

Carter Snow

Rockford Coffee

Theo Lipfert

Dennis Aig

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